Easter Shoes

One of my favorite childhood memories of Easter was getting a new pair of white patent leather shoes… while my Easter dress could be any color of the rainbow, the white shoes were always paired with a little white purse…perfect for sneaking a few chocolate eggs into Sunday School class…and a fresh pair of white […]

Rockin the Garden

If you have noticed the lack of posts over the past few weeks and have wondered what I have been up to, I have been getting my house and garden ready for a photo shoot. My home sits in the midst of a pristine oak woodland, and one of the challenges has been to blend […]

Open to Spring

One of the features that I have loved most about my home… is that it was designed to blurr the distinction between the indoors and the out. Double French doors grace each of the main living spaces keeping the gardens always in view. But there is something about Spring that always tempts me to prop […]

Pink Ombré Cake

Ombré… French… the past participle of ombrer… shaded or graduated in tone. For Valentine’s Day, forget 50 shades of grey…I have been dreaming of 4 shades of P I N K and dreaming up my own version of a Valentine ombré confection… I wanted the cake layers and all their gorgeous ombréness to be visible […]

Sleeping Garden

We are deep into Winter and my garden is quietly sleeping… but not silent.  The 30 or so rose bushes have had their Winter pruning…even did the iceberg roses this year. In this transitional time, the gardens here take on a quiet personality. During this Winter nap, the basic structure stays green with hedges, boxwood […]

Paris Rendez-vous!

There is exciting news from Paris and the elegant world of French beauty icon LANCÔME… with the launch of their new site and a special page “PARIS RENDEZ-VOUS” Lancôme has welcomed my sweet daughter HALEIGH to tour you through Paris sharing beauty, fashion and real life experiences from the City of Light… for me, and […]

White Indoor Garden

Snowy white blossoms are the closest we have come to “snow” this season…70 to 80 degrees every day….note the screen in front of the fireplace in the photo below, and with no rain this season, we have not had even a dusting of snow up in the mountains.  Paper Whites and Hydrangeas have stepped up […]

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