Moody Paris Afternoon

On a very cold Paris aternoon, we slipped into one of our favorite venues… a discreet little gem just off the square at Place des Voges Pavillion De La Reine with its ivy covered façade has always held a fascination, but this is the first time I have seen that bare and  lovely face in […]

Ice Skating in Paris

The first time ever… and we were there.  Ice skating under the glass dome at Le Grand Palais de Glaces… Not something on the standard list of things to do in Paris, but it was the perfect holiday outing for my daughter Haleigh aka Making Magique and me…the look on her face says it all! […]

White Christmas In Paris

Even without any snow… it’s a White Christmas… in Haleigh’s apartment… And as visions of sugar plums danced in our heads, the reindeer guided Santa’s sleigh and found us in a little jewelbox of an apartment tucked in the Marais. *** May the magic of the season be with you throughout the New Year!

Christmas Eve In Paris

Even in Paris… he has me at “Hello” RAPLH LAUREN… Truth be told,  this iconic American brand has had me ever since that first moment we met. Between us, absolutely nothing gets lost in the translation… So when considering where to dine on Christmas Eve in Paris… Haleigh and I agreed that Ralph’s would be […]

Christmas In Paris

I have often dreamed of having Christmas in the City of Light and last week I actually woke up in Paris! While I normally don’t have much reason to stroll down Avenue Montaigne… the holiday dazzle alone… would have been more than enough temptation.  Beyond the allure of  holiday sparkle, it was also the perfect […]

To Dye For Linens

Vintage linens… live on… new life breathed into them… hand dyed in a natural process.. deep shades enhancing the course textures of some…  the smooth silken sheen of others…  rich colors highlight pattern… texture and weave… hand dyed linens have the ability to be both formal or more casual and friendly… letting you decide how […]


Spell of the Blue Plumbago

COMING SOON…THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF A TROUVAIS & FRENCH KISSED COLLABORATION AND YOU ARE INVITED… ***** Our hillside here at French Kissed is a sea of Blue Plumbago… beckoning the Blue & White export ware to leave the prop closet… and come sit under the sun drenched pergola… and under the spell of the Blue Plumbago… […]

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