To Dye For Linens

Vintage linens… live on… new life breathed into them… hand dyed in a natural process.. deep shades enhancing the course textures of some…  the smooth silken sheen of others…  rich colors highlight pattern… texture and weave… hand dyed linens have the ability to be both formal or more casual and friendly… letting you decide how […]


Spell of the Blue Plumbago

COMING SOON…THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF A TROUVAIS & FRENCH KISSED COLLABORATION AND YOU ARE INVITED… ***** Our hillside here at French Kissed is a sea of Blue Plumbago… beckoning the Blue & White export ware to leave the prop closet… and come sit under the sun drenched pergola… and under the spell of the Blue Plumbago… […]


Tea in the Afternoon

What better way to welcome a new neighbor, than to invite her for tea… Delightful conversation flowed effortlessly between  English and French… well, at least between new neighbor and Paris daughter (Making Magique). Stories of a lifetime career working in the world of French finance and what it was like for a young American woman […]

Jungle of Orchids

Even with the Southern California drought… our courtyard here at French Kissed is a tangle of exotic orchids… most of them  in this lucious coppery shade… that reminds me of the Sunrise from my kitchen window. Most are reblooms, surprising us with multiple spikes every 6 months or so… but this beauty is a new […]

Easter Shoes

One of my favorite childhood memories of Easter was getting a new pair of white patent leather shoes… while my Easter dress could be any color of the rainbow, the white shoes were always paired with a little white purse…perfect for sneaking a few chocolate eggs into Sunday School class…and a fresh pair of white […]

Rockin the Garden

If you have noticed the lack of posts over the past few weeks and have wondered what I have been up to, I have been getting my house and garden ready for a photo shoot. My home sits in the midst of a pristine oak woodland, and one of the challenges has been to blend […]

Open to Spring

One of the features that I have loved most about my home… is that it was designed to blurr the distinction between the indoors and the out. Double French doors grace each of the main living spaces keeping the gardens always in view. But there is something about Spring that always tempts me to prop […]

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