French Kissed ™ is a design philosophy for those of us with grand ideas who may be lacking the corresponding budget thought necessary to realize our decorating dreams.  Adherence to its principles produces proof positive that we do not have to be wealthy to live richly.  As you travel along the French Kissed path with me, I hope you will discover that as you find new ways to decorate your home, that you will also experience a joyfulness that infuses other aspects of your life.

Because French Kissed is more French in spirit than in style, its principles are applicable and cross over to all genres of interior design.  So whether you favor French Country or Mid-Century Modern, fancy a chateau or a tiny beach cottage, you will discover affordable inspiration for making your favorite design theme uniquely your own.

French Kissed elevates people, family, traditions and romance.  It is a design approach with solid artistic credibility offering budget friendly, eco-friendly and most importantly people friendly inspiration for living the best life we can in beautiful surroundings.


After a long day of staging and styling some of the most amazing properties on the planet for lavish photo shoots and global marketing campaigns, I return to my own humble abode and I am perfectly content.

Despite their mega million dollar price tags…the most expensive so far hovered around $40 million…my own home has something they are lacking.  Some call it je ne sais quoi.  While difficult to describe, it is exactly what I am hired to infuse into these sometimes flat and lifeless properties.

It appears that incredible location and remarkable architecture are not always enough.  My mission is to create an atmosphere that captures the hearts and touches the souls of the ultra-wealthy.  Whether I am striving to create for this distinguished group of prospective buyers or for my own friends and family, the elements and methods for creating a retreat where people feel comfortable, welcome and valued are always the same.

Most would find it curious that I am not a professionally trained interior designer or decorator.  But it is downright ironic that my own home serves as the inspiration piece for this high-end work.  I was actually drafted into this line of work after my first client attended a family wedding I designed and then later asked to visit my home. She had areadly exhausted the long list of professional stagers and stylists and was looking for someone who understood the subtleties of lifestyle staging and styling for the caliber of properties she represented.  I was only attempting to make a comfortable home for my family…who knew I was a stylist?

What greater testament to the French Kissed philosophy than the fact that even though I work with very generous styling budgets, I have at times borrowed from my own home inventory…even flea market and yes, thrift shop rescues…to create the desired look for a shoot.

Hopefully, my story gives you courage to begin right where you are with whatever resources you have to create the beautifully warm and welcoming home you envision.  So pour yourself a cup of tea…yes, absolutely use the fancy china you’ve had stored away for so long…or that wonderful old cup Aunt Millie gave you…and goodness yes, add the vanilla sugar…as much as you like… and stir joyfully with that silver spoon rescued from the flea market…then raise your cup and toast with me to living a beautiful French Kissed life!

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  1. Karen Ann
    January 5, 2014 at 2:10 pm (10 years ago)

    Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. The photographs are always beautiful and the contents are delightful! Would also like to say that your new portait is absolutely stunning.

    January 5, 2014 at 5:41 pm (10 years ago)

    I have always loved your website. This is a beautiful revision you have made to help us find all of the gorgeous moments you have captured on your journey.

  3. Terri Lee
    January 7, 2014 at 7:30 am (10 years ago)

    I’m loving the new changes, here at French Kissed. What fun. I’m always Soooooooo excited whenever I see a new post at French Kissed and I prepare to settle in and devour each picture and every word.


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